Customized Plastic Enclosures

CNC Machining

Screen Printing

Mold Customization

EMI Shielding

Graphic Overlays

Color & Material Customization

Screen Printing

Add a company logo, text or other graphics with screen printing and save the expense of a label. Our Unibox Enclosures sales representatives will walk you through the steps to create your customized artwork.

Graphic Overlay

For applications that require the vividness of a graphic overlay label, we offer a full range of lexan and mylar labels.

EMI Shielding

We can shield your enclosure either by coating the interior of the box with a copper or zinc based spray, or by molding a conductive material into the enclosure.

Custom Colors and Materials

Unibox can make material changes to your enclosure to meet your engineering specifications. You can also customize your enclosure with a custom color. Simply supply us with a color match, or a Pantone color number.