Plastic Properties

Note: This list contains the most common materials used by Unibox. Other polymers are available upon request.



Used for Unibox Part

Flammability U.L. Rating

Test condition: .060″

Tensile Strength

1/8″ thickness

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Standard ABS Enclosure All gray, black, bone and white Unibox standard enclosures 94 HB 6530 psi. logo box
Standard ABS (Clear) Enclosure All clear Unibox standard enclosures 94 HB 6960 psi
Flame-Retardant ABS Enclosure Custom option for any standard Unibox enclosure 94 V-0 5500 psi
Polypropylene Enclosure Hinged enclosures 94 HB 5400 psi
Standard ABS Accessory Digibezels, panels, wall mount adapters 94 HB 6530 psi
Acrylic Accessory Windows 94 HB 8100 psi
Dynaflex Accessory Feet 94 HB 250 psi (rubber)